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Vietnam Brownwater Navy Combat Veteran 1965 - 1967. Gotta like the speed of  those PBRs, the twin 50 was not too shaby either. We were based out of the Vung Tau area. We went as far north as Chu Lai. Sometimes I would have to disembark to do an observation in the jungle, the very hot jungle, and by hot, I not only mean tempature, but being shot at as well. Fortunately I made it out okay, except for the agent orange.
After my Vietnam assignment, I was stationed at Fleet Weather Central and ended up in the computer room as the numerical products supervisor, providing weather infomation to the fleet. Total of 6 years in the service with highest rank of Petty Officer second class.
After being discharged from the Navy, I started with NCR corp for 14 years and became one of the youngest senior engineers. After NCR, I partnered with Marianas Electronics in Guam and then moved to the island of Saipan to open a Marianas Electronics branch there. We were the first computer store on Saipan, being an authorized Apple reseller as well as the Arco solar dealer.
Original Ham License received in 1975 by and with code test in Kona Hawaii starting as Technician license. (Update: upgraded to General)
Just kept renewing KH6II even after I left Hawaii. Setup first primary station using the Kenwood shiny face twins, R-599 and T-599, see pictures below, after moving to Guam. When we moved to Saipan, no station was setup.
I was born in Texas, after living in Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan, we moved to our now home...
We then moved to Dallas Texas where my primary station is an icom 7300 running barefoot, feeding an 130 foot endfed wire antenna, with a height of about 10 feet above the ground, through a MFJ 998 auto tuner and using a MFJ-1025 noise enhancer to help with noise control.


Now have a minimal station setup, using an ICOM 7300 as my main transciever. Use a MFJ-998 tuner and a MFJ-1025 for noise control. My antenna is a 130 foot end fed wire.


Some of my Various living locations
Watch the video to see my unorthodox antenna layout
Apple developer, but do not do much developing anymore, except for learning Swift and building Websites and providing Web hosting.
You can see the consultant and client websites here:
You can also see my new tech blog here:
7300 display showing RTTY mode
7300 display showing RTTY mode
Replaced my noisy MFJ fan cooled Power supply with a Totally Silent linear power supply from Astron. Weighs about 25 pounds! Big transformer...
Replaced my noisy MFJ fan cooled Power supply with a Totally Silent linear power supply from Astron. Weighs about 25 pounds! Big transformer...
Kenwood R-599
Kenwood R-599
Kenwood T-599
Kenwood T-599
Ham Radio is a great hobby...
(Example of an over the top station, NOT mine)
QSL Card
Good to have a great iPhone to use as a remote...

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